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Thank you for acknowledging and investigating this issue, Bioware CS. We, the community, have also investigated the issue and are largely in agreement that the most likely cause of most people's crashing issues is a memory leak. Users of 32-bit Windows and/or systems with low RAM would more likely experience crashes as a result of this memory leak because their systems have less memory available to the game client.

32-bit Windows has an artificial hard-coded memory cap of about 3.5 gigs (may vary from system to system) and thus its users are more susceptible to crashes as a result of the memory leak. Users of 64-bit Windows with ample RAM may not experience crashes at all because their client can load significantly more data before crashing, despite the memory leak. Even if they do crash, they can play for significantly longer periods of time before they crash.

A similar issue arose earlier this year and was fixed. The issue was re-introduced in 1.4.

I have compiled the following list of threads in which users haved reported and discussed this issue: