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I am playing on different connections. One at home, one at other place. First one is okay, but second one is falling in various periods after starting play SWTOR. .
Are you running two different machines, or using the same machine at different locations?
In any case, the fact that it only happens at one location would naturally point to the problem being on your end.

Make sure ALL your drivers are up to date.

Clean the dust out of the machine(s) and make sure all fans are working properly.

The "other place" is probably taking a different "route" to get to SWTOR and there may be a flaky server/hub/router along the way..

SWTOR is very CPU intensive. If you are playing on a laptop, the combined heat from the CPU plus GPU may be more than the laptop's cooling system can handle, and it's getting flaky from overheating. After cleaning the dust out, be sure to place the laptop on a clean, flat surface so as not to obstruct air flow.
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