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what i mean is that my character, un-buffed and naked in my stronghold does not register, say the 2% critical increase(for example from the 2-piece Berserker set) on the character sheet where stats are shown.

is it by design or just not working?
The common misconception on those 2 piece setbonuses is that its 2% flat rate increase of alacrity/critical/shield. IT IS NOT. It is however a 2% increase of your RATING. This means if you take the preservers shield bonus: 2% of the shield rating budget that tanks normally have 4500 is 90. SO you get 4590 shield rating by equiping that setbonus. Thats barely a blip on the actual shield percentage. Same applies to Alacrity and Critical setbonuses, since ppl go for 1213 alacrity rating minimum and 3k+ critical rating.