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Considering Korriban is a major part of EU lore, I think a more elegant solution is required.

And I did say that this was not 100% certain. Apologies if I got your hopes up.
Is there going to be a "solution"? I wouldn't expect one to be possible. This could just be them dumping the entire EU altogether.

Without Korriban you can't have the any of the events from the the Hundred Year Darkness to the Great Hyperspace War onto anything up to the New Sith Wars. Which would have to be renamed. Not only would every Sith Lord before Darth Ruin be decanonized, but all the novels and comics surrounding Darth Bane would be too because even though he's part of Lucas' backstory, all the stories about him feature references to Revan and Exar Kun.

But if Morriband is really the "ancient birthplace of the Sith" and at the center of the galaxy like that one other report said, you can't have Korriban.

I suppose it's impossible to predict until the episode comes out but by the Clone Wars retconing one of the oldest and most well established planets in the Expanded Universe, I think this is a sign that the EU is not even slightly respected.