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01.04.2014 , 05:23 PM | #3
Didn't know that engine power also regens while boosting. Anyways, if I understand correctly, what you explained is pretty close to what I thought it is.
I stop boosing, and without these 45% "Engine power recently consumed regeneration rate" I wait, say, 2 seconds until my engine power starts regenerating at the full rate. If I put my Quick-charge with that stat on, will I only wait a bit over 1 second until regen at full rate?

That seems logical. Yet there is one thing I have experienced.
Usually, at the beginning of the game (let's say Kuat Mesas), I barrel roll, boost, turn my way to A around the mesas, when barrel roll CD finishes I barrel roll again, and I'm at A with a little less than 50% of my engine power.
However after I abandoned Quick-charge shield, I arrived at A with barely 20% engine power left. Some regen delay reduction would not cause that.

Maybe the stat somehow increases the regen while boosting?