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12.18.2016 , 08:13 AM | #1
Dear Pilots,

By the present missive, you are hereby formally invited to The Progenitor's Divine Tempest for a Party, Organised by Vermillion Squadron, to celebrate GSF and the Seasonal Festivities.

The Party will begin at 20:00 GMT, on the 27th of December in the Crew Lounge of the Divine Tempest, Vermillion Squadron's Flagship Valour-Class Cruiser. Once assembled, we will proceed to create an OPS Group and Solo Queue the night away.

Prizes from Vermillion Squadron's Extensive GSF Vaults will be given for the Best Costume, as part of an ongoing Quiz that will be held to test your Starfighter Knowledge and for the best performances in utterly ridiculous builds.

Hoping to see you here fellow pilots, so we can enjoy an evening of fun, discussion and GSF, especially considering the spectacular nature of certain Starfighter Scenes in a recent Movie.

Cordially, Respectfully,

Baudran Amelion,

Commanding Officer, Vermillion Squadron.

Vermillion Squadron - The Progenitor

Iota Squadron - The Progenitor