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06.13.2020 , 11:44 AM | #1
Hey there fellow SWTOR player
We are well organized big guild that offers lot of scheduled events in terms of operations.
We have SM and VM events on daily basis, but we also offer Instructional runs for those people who never did ops before and dont know tactics.
We have a lot of people willing to help out with gearing, rotations, answer questions and give tips.
We have 3 active NIM progression team that are clearing hard NiM Content.
We also offer all people chance to get better and if they want to join progression teams. But fear not if u are casual player there is place for you as well ! join our VM or SM events for fun and nice playtime.
Also u want chivos ? Fear not we cover that as well ... Ancient Threat, Dreadtooth, Dreadful Entity, Xenoanalist .... and much more!
We also do GF ops for conquest
For all ops we use Discord (voice chat, no need for mic) and Starparse.

If you want to join us follow invite link and if u need more info or have questions contatc emperorsiddiouse#8974 on discord or type here on this forum post .


Discord link -

more info - SWTOR guild finder website
Emperor Siddiouse
Guildmaster of Ancient Dark Guardians