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04.05.2013 , 08:46 AM | #1
Hi there,

I'm pretty new to the game only been playing about 2 weeks. I have a lvl 27 sorc and I'm wondering about crew skills. I'm currently working on Synth/UT/Arch, but reading around the forums I'm wondering if maybe i should reconsider synthweaving? When i picked it up I expected that i would be able to make myself fairly decent gear, and hopefully some nice end game stuff, but I am finding that everything is upgraded rather quickly running flashpoints, and at 31 modded gear options thru the cartel become viable options to consider so i'm concerned that I am wasting my time and money. Any insight, comments, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I should add that i think artifice might be a better choice if I were to stick with crafting? Maybe biochem? Not sure, but otherwise I'm considering just grabbing 3 gathering professions. Whatcha think?