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I have attempted this flashpoint many times over the last week, and it's impossible to complete.. i wish I could have someone like Vette or Jaesa as my companion...

The flashpoint is broken, and I'm thinking about not even doing it, and complete the rest of the story.
I have managed to do it twice now. Once with Jedi Shadow 254, and Gunslinger 275. Both times were a slog. I had to use Legacy Abilities on snipers and run to stations for healing...took 2 attempts with Jedi....and got real lucky.

Sooo many silvers that took forever to plow through....absolute garbage rewards. No gear dropped above level on second run with Gunslinger. Just equal or lower. Why the system thinks some gear is higher because it has an extra/different stat eludes me. Maybe it thinks the stats are more appropriate even though lower rating????

Only recently began playing again after 5+ years so still catching up on changes.

Story Mode feels geared towards 2+ players or really high geared 75s...Won't be doing it for fun or drops thats for sure. Its listed on my only do this if I have to list.
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