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I personally think that Shadow/Assassin has a few more mobility tools than Guardian/Juggernaut, though those tools probably come into play more often in pvp. Neither has the mobility tools of VG/PT though, but they have other advantages to help compensate. Force Shroud is one of the best DCD's in the game though, and its value of allowing the tank to ignore many boss mechanics cannot be overstated, especially since its on a relatively short cooldown. G/J don't really have an ability to completely ignore mechanics the way S/A do. Proper use of stealthing during fights, either to reset medpack usage or rez a group member, can really help certain fights. S/A can take some mobs completely out of the fight with Force Lift/Whirlwind. There's many junk adds that are susceptible to that effect which lasts much longer than the G/J AoE mez. There are a few boss scenarios where one may have a little edge over the other. I think S/A has a few more tools to grab aoe aggro. Its very handy to Force Wave/Overload the mercenary snipers at Thrasher in S&V, for example, and a G/J doesn't have a quick ability to do that without burning their AoE taunt. I guess you could do it with mad dash, but it requires more set up to make sure you don't run off the balcony. Anyway, I'm sure there's tons of examples where one class has an advantage over another for specific boss fights, but for the most part you can down any boss with any tank in the game. I see all three kinds of tanks from known progression guilds on parsely.

In terms of off-spec dps, Infiltration/Deception is demonstrably in an excellent place right now and above Vigilance/Vengeance in the rankings for the time being.

I think the class stories for Knights and Warriors are more enjoyable than Consulars/Inquisitors but that is of course a matter of preference. From a playstyle perspective I like G/J a little more, especially on the off spec dps, but I have all 3 kinds of tanks.

I don't think you can go wrong picking any of the tanking classes, to be honest.
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