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You could say it grew on me, and that would be a fair description.
I remember my first time there, I didnt like it much, but after getting to know the lay of the land and flow of the missions, I actually quite like it now, and would rate it much higher than any of the city type worlds(coruscant/shadda/corellia) I cannot stand these, and hate them more, the more I play them.
I have 11 50's and I'm on my 12th toon now
Tatooine is my favourite, but again, I wasnt too fond of it on my first run through.

A few important things to note, my last 4 or 5 toons, Ive used the legacy perk to get the speeder at level 10, and this is really a game changer, also, Taris and Balmorra come up a lot in these types of threads on different factions because they sit in opposing level zones, for imperial, you'll be walking on balmorra, where as you'll be close to level-2 speeder on republic, and its the same for Taris, walking with republic, and close to lvl-2 speeder on imperial, so feedback on these planets, even though they are virtually identical will be different because of the speeder or lack of.
Also, these are the first "big" planets both factions are put into, and it shows, as after you leave these, you will see a sharp drop off of player numbers.
I remember vividly, my first republic toon and coming to Balmorra, which I really disliked on the imperial side(this was before the legacy patch) and just how different it felt because of the speeder, I was like, wow! this is not bad at all.