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First up you're right you can't bridge the gap of 5 years of practice in a month, you can however improve a ridiculous amount. (Proud of you Gadikat, you've come so far in the last month)
My point wasn't that you can make up the difference. I still can't touch any single player on your squad (but ty). My point was that it's enough to become proficient enough that you can have a shot at carrying a match with regs, which is more than enough to prevent a match from becoming a blowout.
It also gives a pilot some knowledge when they see an ace on the other side. While they might be more sklled, at least a pilot can get the knowledge for a sensible counter to that ace's ship/strat. It's something, as opposed to getting piledriven, or slice/emp-torp'd, or ion-slug'd. Just having an idea of what to do against those ships/pilots can help.