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>"None of that disproved what I said."
>"Joining 'good' players does nothing for the newbs."
Are you illiterate? Because your response sounds like you struggle with basic reading comprehension. Go back, try again. Words can be tricky.

No, you don't get magically better. It's just like with any instruction. Be humble, be patient, and actually DO what you're told. If your response to pro advice "well thanks, I think I'm going to keep doing it this way though, that's 'my style,'" or whatever, then you won't improve at all. The point is that what you're currently doing isn't getting you W's and you need to change.

No one is herded in to GSF anymore than any other game mode. I don't see people complaining about being "herded into ops" when they don't have raid groups. Or "herded into" anything. Tired of this complaint from entitled ground players. I've been rudely chewed out for not knowing whatever strats for an op boss. Been hard and soft-kicked from raid groups and no one would teach me. That doesn't happen to me in GSF. Maybe if we mercilessly tore the ground players apart for their stupidity in the sky they'd shut up with this stupid complaint. I have no interest in helping some whiner who is only in q to get their crystal, and has no interest in actually playing. Get out of q. The game is for the people who play it. I want people to play, but I don't want people doing this^. And if that's you, you get no sympathy from me. Get rekt.

As far as 'we could've had pro alts on our side,' we didn't but for the sake of argument let's say we did. The named pro on the other side was still the superior individual pilot, and it was still winning the races to the says that won the game.
Additionally, being in the GSF and GSF Groupfinder discords will let you know the status of a whole bunch of aces at once.

As far as a month being not enough, you're wrong. Just so very wrong and talking completely out of your bottom. I've been present for, and helped train myself even, other pilots after me. While everyone is a little different; on average after about a month of instruction and practise a new pilot starts getting accused of hacking :P just popping in once to chat or q with an ace and then not talking to them again for like two weeks isn't going to cut it tho. That schedule involves logging like 3 times a week.

No one likes a whiner who refuses to learn. Or read.

Like simple stuff: you say newbs are all confused about dying so quickly. Literally a two minute conversation with a pro will clear up exactly how they're dying to what ship. THAT is something grouping with a pro will make you better at, immediately. One new guy asked about one-hit kills. Learned it actually was a legit thing, then better understood Los and defensive flying. He took that info back to his guild, now all of them know how to counter piledriving and avoid slugs with DO. It's like you're struggling with the basic concept of education, this is how it works buddy.

Not to mention you can see what their ship builds are (the aces), what they're flying to get 30+ kills. They'll tell you what you should be doing with what ship and when. Clarity and certainty do wonders for new pilots.

No one likes a game mode that is so easy you can compete from the get-go and doesn't reward knowledge nor skill. It's like you've never played a pvp game before in your life.
Maybe you haven't! In that case, it's pretty standard fare to die a bunch when you start out before getting good: A la CoD, a la Halo, a la TF2, a la counterstrike, a la Battlefront etc.

If you're expecting to waltz into a new pvp game with no instruction and have competitive scores with vet players, in any game, you're delusional.
And just like in any game, learning how it works from people who are better makes you better, if you can humble yourself enough to learn.