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Imagine tacking on a game mode, hear me out, to a game that trains you the basics of gameplay naturally, but not doing the same with a decent tutorial, you following(?), and when you try to get into playing said mode with said lack of experience, you get smashed repeatedly despite following the 'basics' you were shown! When matchmaking can't be dealt with due to a smaller population, these are the sort of complaints you'll see, but I'm sure the GSF community here aren't new to this. This is further exacerbated when aces fly together.

Don't get me wrong, I don't blame them for being good at it and wanting to play together, but it's a clear issue and you'd have to be delusional to arrive at any other conclusion. Joining their groups to be carried every now and then, watching the youtube videos, spending hours of game time flying around aimlessly and reading up on the meta will not pull the dead weight that years of experience leaves on the table and this is made even worse with the lack of a flow of requisition to play around with builds and upgrades that OBJECTIVELY provide better results. Some nights, I even wish it were possible to make certain people disappear from the queues for a little while but I'm realistic about it.

And no, flying against people who demolish you before you understand what happened will not make you better.
After a month of flying with people that (still can) demolish me and listening to their tips, I was topping boards. Your point doesn't address even half of what I brought up. People don't rely on the in-game for their rotation, they look up guides. Same with all aspects of operations.
If you think the point of joining good players is just to be carried then you're missing the point. The people who claim it's bored to be carried are right, it is, but that is an environment where one can learn to pull their weight. When one is DOING the carrying it's definitely less boring.
There's this hopeless attitude that just learning can't beat years of experience. Maybe not a full seasoned 4-man, yet, but 1v1 or 2v2 is a very achievable reality with only maybe a month's practise and short education on the meta.
This became apparent to me when flying in a 2-man with another player who started receiving pro instruction around the same time as I. There was a well-known ace flying solo on the other side. Map was Denon Dom. Just having the coordination and knowing the meta, we were able to keep ahead of the enemy ace in caps, and won the races to recap on trades. Scrubs with a bit of practice and knowledge could shut down an ace, without an ace directing them on their side.
In short while our group was wrecking the queue, but we figured if it didn't take us that long to become moderately proficient (compared to vet aces), then maybe with a small push on the community the general skill level of our server would rise. So far it has. I'm seeing randoms bringing out T3 strikes and emp fields to shutdown piledrivers. More scouts in dom matches. It's much harder to crack 30 kills in a TDM, and is happening far less often. Group v. group with solo backfills (half to 66% of the team) is more common.
^I think there is a very good case that this is more beneficial to solo q'rs as well^
It gives the attentive solo q'r a solid team foundation to rely when selecting their play. It also means the solo q'r is less likely to be pressured to carry. While very skilled solo q'rs willed probably have lower stats with this type of composition, green solo'rs will enjoy more freedom to explore their ability in GSF.
^^This reason also seems to be why it's primarily skilled solo q'rs complaining "on behalf" of less skilled players about groups. ^^