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Didn't they used to say the same thing about Pot5 and ranked? And what happened to that? Please Pot5 is where communities go to die.
You say this.... And you probably have some basis for the statement...

I have seen at least three people make a toon for GSF action here... then transfer a toon because they like the server. I am in Black Squadron with Wux and Jiggo and Wuxtry on Empire. After flying with Both Black and Death Squads, I am impressed with the respect and communication between the two factions . These people act and behave like we want agood GSF community here.

Make a toon get destroyed and still love it. The desire for community is so nice youll see Lyte chase a gunship for the whole match and come in low on the charts. Why is this good? Because both pilots loved the match.

When both sides keep looking for each other there will always be matches. And a place the FTP and preferred crowd knows people will help and have a community based on respect.
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