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Empire resurrection anyways. Maybe the Moffs come together and go "One on one, we'd lose, but an army versus one Sith, much better odds."

Seriously, the Sith can't come together, as it's against their own code/beliefs. The rest of the Empire however, time to clean house, and that means getting rid of the Sith Empire. Maybe have the Moffs team up with the Republic to start taking out the Darth Council one by one.
I'd be surprised if we say any huge division like this in a faction, as it would require a lot of writing, coding, and it wouldn't fit in the progression of class quests.

Howver MUCH later in the game I could see a scenario where the emperor along with the Sith ruling class are ousted by the empire and antagonists to both factions.

Not the entire Sith Order though, because that would set different player character's in the same faction against eachother, which, while it would be cool, it would require alot of work from Bioware.
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