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Well your community doesn't show it, both from the people i have met in-game (i used to play a toon on pot5 but have since retired it permenatly) and on the forums.

Your pilot community might be perfectly good but to me it is marred to much by the fact that most encouters I have had with pot5 people is along the lines of "I am from Pot5, We are legion, We are better than thou, You are a scrub for not playing on Pot5"

I'm sorry but you are never going to convince me, I have yet to have a positive interaction associated with that server and am more than happy with Jung Ma's smaller but close-knit server community.
Need convincing: Roll a POT5 alt, come fly with the Black Squadron/Force Disciples alliance.

(Don't take this as a Pepsi Challenge, but I really hate being lumped in with some of the more sociopathic elements of the Ground PvP Community.
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