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04.19.2020 , 01:39 PM | #1
Hey y‘all!

I‘ve been playing SWTOR for quite some time now and never really had that much of luck to finding Roleplayers these past few months. Any hints where I should look? Usually any Rep or Imp Cantina worked out for many years, but for a while now to no avail. I play more or less any kind of character. So hit me up! Always happy to pass some time of good ol‘ RPing.

I usualy play as:
- a Human Jedi Master (RP: Lawful Good-ish; not much for heroics. A „Pro-Republic“ kind of guy.)
- a Human Sith Lord (RP: Chaotic Evil; Pretty much out for his own desires. As in ‚Lucifer‘ of the series.)
- a Nautolan Smuggler (RP: Chaotic Neutral/Good; Out to see the world and to make profit. A mercenary trying to find his way in this wide galaxy.)

Server: Star Forge.