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While the fighting amongst the sith is a huge hinderance to the empire and does strike the advantage of being a sith it also is about survival of the fittest and those that should lead to keep the order fresh and strong. Its very much like packs of wild animals like wolves persay they will fight it out if 2 or dominate individuals are in the pack. Experience vs inexperience, wisedom vs stamina. The end fighting also is what makes the sith better fighters than the jedi they are trained to fight because they are constantly battling everyday for their right to live. At times it does get to the point it does weaken the empire. But right now as we see it the empire is stronger than the republic and the fractured jedi splinter factions. Sure a lot of it has to do with acina/vowrawn but some of that is because the sith are actually training for battles. Jedi's train their minds and emotions. We arent even to the dark days of the empire during the brotherhood of darkness area where there was end fighting and they were more political than anything.

The only reason the zakuul empire failed was because arcann and vaylin had no idea how to lead that empire. Arcann was all about showing up his father and his need for violence. He was a tactician but most of his wins came at the might of the fleet/skytroopers rather than the knights themselves. Vaylin wasn't a leader she was a living nuke basically in star wars. Her powers uncontrolled and harnessed she was nothing more than a ziost/nathema lvl valk or nihilus.

In the end the empire/s are better off with level headed individuals that can control the situations while bolstering their own troops in strength by weeding out the weak and allowing the strong to flourish while the weak still can slip the cracks which what was kind of happening after ATC. There were some power plays even within the council as they were trying to be leaders of the council and eventually surplant vitiate/tenebrae/valkorian and lord scourge/player wrath.

Honestly if the jedi had better battle training they wouldnt have lost coruscant/jedi temple and a few other worlds they would have been far better prepared. I dont really blame satele for that as much as i blame the foolishness with the jedi council and their too much blind faith in their code rather than actually being able to train their knights, medics, masters and so on. Which is why the jedi basically are in complete disarray right now even bigger exiled and splinter factions than during order 66. even to the point that some of the jedi factions were basically said to be fighting amongst themselves right now.