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05.09.2020 , 09:35 AM | #1
Hello fellow players,

I've been thinking about making a SWTOR Let's Play on my YouTube channel. Since I'm still a small channel and wanted to involve the community I thought I'll just ask on the forums. I wanted to ask a few questions on who and how to play. So here are my questions:

( You don't have to answer all questions but any answer is appreciated! )

1. What class and orientation would you like to see me play (So light side Sith Inquisitor/ dark side Bounty hunter, etc...)?

2. Would you like to see me do all side missions, just planetary stories, or no side missions at all?

3. Would you like to see me do some roleplay and develop a backstory for the character or not?

4. Would you even be interested in a Playthrough?

5. Which species and gender would you like to see?

And if you have a good name in mind feel free to post it as well
Also, if I missed something that you would like to influence just add it to your comment

Have a great day!