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Dear ThreeLeos:
Welcome Back! <Elders of the Republic> is primarily a social guild with weekly training raids, and more irregular conquest, flashpoint, and PVP sessions. We're older players who really like StarWars. Most of us joined the game because we like the story and many of us regularly level-up toons just to relive the favorite parts of each class - like re-reading a favorite old book. The only restriction we have on membership is a chronological age of 40+.
As a member of the guild you would have access to our strongholds, guild ship, a nice +10% experience boost, and of course guild chat which is a great resource for questions and recruiting for group content.
On the weekend evenings, we typically have 12- 16 players logged in on the pub-side, with fewer players at other times of the week. We all have jobs, children, (and grandchildren), pets, or other important commitments and know that these take priority over the pleasures of the game. You would be most welcome.
To get an invitation, please type "Elders" into the search line of the "Who" field. All of our members have invite privileges. You could also send an in-game message to Celsfalia or me (Kallinos), but I won't be on tonight due to a major presentation at work tomorrow.