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One day when I was exploring the temple ruins on Coruscant with an alt., I saw a message in general chat. It was our first Guildmaster recruiting new mature members. Though I did not respond, I was very intrigued. A few days later I was passing through on my main character and this time I replied. Joining Elders changed the way I played the game, opening up for me a whole new dimension SWTOR. It is because of the wonderful people in the guild and our other friends that my gameplay transitioned from KOTOR 3 to an actual MMOG, from soloing so much content to consistently playing in groups, from having no hope of ever understanding the endgame experience to playing operations and gaining the highest tier gear, and much more.

Today I serve the guild as its Third Guildmaster and I love playing the game with such, kind, helpful, and friendly people. Their patience with me helped me to have more fun in the game and to learn a lot about how to play. Additionally, as a woman I find this a fun and safe place to be. There are many more of us in game then general chat would have you believe. Though I have made my fair share of corrections to childish remarks on the fleet or in a group, so often we are silently present. Our guild has a large percentage of mature, professional women who are very vocal in guild chat and even on Discord. I appreciate that in Elders we play as equals and are treated with respect.
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