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03.16.2020 , 10:38 AM | #1
So Iím a long time mmo player started back on Everquest. The funnest part of these games to me are guilds. I donít usually talk a lot in guild chat but I love watching it as I play. It just keeps me involved and wanting to come back for more each day.

With that said how hard is it for someone such as I who is just starting to find a guild? Iím starting tonight from level 1 on star forge. I will be a steady player if not the fastest leveler. I want to enjoy the world along the way. Are guilds here at this point in the game o my interested in high level players? Iím afraid if I ask about joining a guild they will think Iím wanting to beg help and leach things. Honestly I donít need handouts or things like that. I just like the family feel of being in a guild and watching the chatter.

In short I guess is a ďnewbieĒ gonna have a hard time finding a guild at this point I. The game?