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Isn't CXP being scrapped in 6.0? Changed to Renown XP instead?
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That was my understanding as well. I guess it may be a case of CXP until you get to level 75. I got the impression same as you though that CXP was gone the day 6.0 came.

Points earned for conquest should just switch from one to the other once 6.0 comes out. Lower levels should not change at all.
you are both correct:

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I am seeing this question still pop up quite a bit so let me clarify. Renown is a max level supplementary gearing system, you will not start earning RXP until you are level 75. A lot of the things we talk about relating to gear being relevant to your character, such as targeting your item rating, are mostly referencing end game gearing only.

The reason for this is that throughout the rest of the game, the vast majority of Mission rewards, especially story, already drop gear intended for your character. Some content also already drops "relevant" gear such as from daily mission crates. What we are talking about is improving the gearing experience at endgame, there are not many changes planned for the rest of the experience.

That being said, if there are particular places that you feel lower level gearing is particularly rough, let us know!