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No, other players aren't my concern.

Let's cover some basics: The optimal game experience is the one sold to you. Developers will never intentionally sell anything that reduces engagement, and their goal is to recurringly monetize of us.

If a game monetizes its gearing and progression with microtransactions, the non-MTX experience is definitionally sabotaged, to incentivize those transactions. Period.

My problem is paying $155.88 a year, year after year, and having my experience degraded by MTX-fed gearing and progression. It's pay-to-win, and 6.0 is doubling-down with its need for two simultaneous consumables to un-nerf the game.

And no, the degree to which MTX-fed progression and gearing can be circumvented isn't meaningful, because it's a moral problem, regardless of degree. If it's 'not so bad' now, we're clearly being groomed for more abuse when the lights go out. None of us deserve to get FIFA'd in the dark.

I won't even get started on selling gambling products.

Business ethics matter. We all deserve better.
(woah, the divine, golden glow of truth)
Although I agree in your sentiment in regards to Loot Boxes (honestly I think they should just burn in hell), the definition of P2W is if you can purchase gear, with higher stats that benefit your character. In regards to EXP boosting items, you are given them on a regular basis in game. The sets of gear, weapons etc are 0 stat (well besides the crystals) so therefor are just eye candy and not P2W.

But what FIFA is doing, is completely, COMPLETELY different then what is offered in the CM as of now. When 6.0 comes out, if this changes, then I will be the first to say "good call" to you. But if not, I still see no factual evidence besides a personal opinion to show that this game is P2W.

It seems to me, that you just have a real mad on about any online store, period.
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