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Whoever designed huttball, please break his legs and fire him. Whoever designed Alderaan, please make more. That is my favorite warzone and most of the people I have PVP'd with enjoy it as well. Huttball is, almost universally, despised, because more often than not you'll face a premade who are put together solely to dominate at Huttball and that will be the end of the story.

Now, if what you're talking about is just the map itself, not the idea of trying to get a PuG team to coordinate for a sport, then yeah, the map is cool and it would make for an awesome death match arena.

And huttball wouldn't be nearly so awful if it was its own separate queue - like a sports queue instead of just generic PVP - and there were multiple huttball maps you could randomly roll into.
Speak for yourself. Hutball is my favourite WZ. By a looooooong mile