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“No game of dejarik can be won without pawns...”

Runner-Up Finals: The Dark Imperium vs The Alliance of Worlds

Welcome to final round of the ‘Kaggath Tournament’ Runner-Up Bracket, where the defeated and disgraced have the chance to redeem their honour, and challenge the future Kaggath Champion in an epic tournament-style extravaganza.

For all those of you aren’t aware, the Kaggath is an ancient rite of the Sith, ‘one part duel, one part large-scale dejarik-match’. The two combatants have full use of their power bases, be it armies, strongholds or fleets, in order to outwit and outmanoeuvre their opponent. The Kaggath is no simple lightsaber duel, although it can come down to one, and the arena can be anywhere: a planet, star system or the entire galaxy.

Before we begin, let’s set out the ground rules of the Semi-Finals.

  • The arena: the known galaxy.
  • Only those incorporated in the listed in the faction compilations below can take part in the Kaggath.
  • No outside help of any kind, the combatants cannot call upon assets outside their power base or influence.
  • No outside involvement, other powers will not and cannot interrupt or affect the battle, for the purpose of argument they are non-existent.
  • No surrender, fight to the death!
  • Technology level is universal (unless considered archaic or advanced at the time): blaster fire, armouring, lightsabers etc. are all the same regardless of period, all that matters is size, quantity and power.
  • Factions are autonomous – players have no control over their factions decisions, this is determined by the nature of their leadership.

So, the combatants: Selenial is returning with her shadowy force of Sith and assassins, and Tunewalker with his armada of light and liberty. Behold the factions!

The Dark Imperium


Head of State: Darth Traya
Second-in-Command: Admiral Trench
Allies: Darth Maul & HK-47
Supplier: Santhe/Sienar Technologies


Minor Ground Force: Shadow Trooper Legion & Sith Assassins
Major Naval Force: Open Circle Fleet & Malgus’ Stealth Fleet


Capital: Raxus Secundus
Supply Base: Raxus Prime
Stronghold/Military Base: Malachor V
Stronghold/Military Base: Saleucami
Shipyards: Bonadan


The Alliance of Worlds


Head of State: Leia Organa Solo
Second-in-Command: Luke Skywalker (ROTJ)
Allies: IG-88 & Wedge Antilles
Supplier: Hapes Consortium


Major Ground Force: Rebel Alliance Army
Naval Force: Galactic Alliance Navy


Capital: Arkania
Supply Base: Hapes
Stronghold/Military Base: Carida
Shipyards: Brentaal
Shipyards: Rendili

The Dark Imperium is comprised of elite and elusive assassins whereas the Alliance of Worlds possesses powerful and numerous warriors. It’s the ultimate battle between good and evil. Who will win? The battle lines have been drawn...

Let the Kaggath begin!