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What utility does it provide? Dispelling cloaking that doesn't exist? Right now it does two things: it increases your damage output (which overcharge does far better), and it puts a tiny evasion debuff on the target that your allies can take advantage of (except the guy's probably going to be dead soon because you popped a cooldown to kill him).
Increases sensor range, mild damage buff, optional mild defensive buff (and with nerfs to most sources of evasion this is better than it used to be), and dispelling cloaking that may or may not exist at some nebulous point in the future.

It's a Swiss army knife of an ability, that if cloaking is implemented might turn into a Leatherman. Well, maybe Swiss army thermo-imaging binoculars with built in rangefinder and a cammo space blanket would be a more accurate metaphor.

These aren't bad things to have, it's just not as sensible for a front line fighting vehicle as full auto selective fire or an extended fuel tank.

A big chunk of the perception of recon and support components as categorically inferior comes from the overwhelming prevalence of uncoordinated PUGs. If you can't work as a team to take advantage of powerful component synergies then those components underperform. That's a matter of pilot incompetence though, not of component design. At least in component vs component comparison.

Oh, and coming at it from a sim player's perspective, if you're not flying as part of a well coordinated team you are by definition an incompetent pilot.

If you want to consider if support functions that are mandatory in a good high fidelity air combat sim are a good fit for a gaggle of MMORPG players with an allergy to teamwork except in very specific environments then that's a broader game design question (and the answer is, "maybe not," though I think that's a shame).
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