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i hope they fix this and take off the P2W because theres no raiding guilds or anything like *** is going on with this MMO its giving me cancer at max level with no raid guilds on The Harbringer. it makes me wana slit my wrists and Kill myself lol
nice necro.

My guess is that the "heroic space combat" was an experiment and it failed miserably. Do not expect a "fix" anytime soon. I think EA/BW would sooner simply forget that this exists and move on.

As to the rest, wait four days. GSH will be released and there will be more activity.

As to no raiding guilds on the Harbinger, I see plenty of PuGs being created all the time. Ever think maybe it is you? Maybe your attitude rubs others the wrong way and so they do not want to run with you. Reading your post, I get a very elitist snob vibe.
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