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False? Real world systems detect radar pings, which you need to use to lock on to the target in the first place.
That's not at all how it works. The missile is detected. I had more typed up, but it's not really suitable for here.

I was able to find this for you:

In general, the missile is detected via one or more methods. You can't rely on radar because many missiles don't use it, and it would be trivial to fake or mask.

No **** quick-charge is superior, it is in most ways just a straight-up better shield anyway.
I don't really believe this. I do like quick charge, but I really feel a lot stronger with directional. The engine trick is the big argument IMO, and it is a good one. The ability to double arc is super amazing, and that's on top of the natively stronger shields.

No, actually you haven't. You made a strong well backed general case for large reactor. For turbo reactor you conceded that a regen delay of 1.2 seconds might make it worth taking turbo when paired with directional shields. In one thread.
It takes a LOT for it to be better. I've done the math several times too. You have to take damage, then stop taking damage, then take more damage before the three second window is up. And this has to happen a few times. And if you go awhile without taking damage, or too little without taking damage, or the damage you take is too much, then large wins anyway. Most of the math I've seen compares waiting six seconds with directional (large) versus waiting 1.2 seconds with directional (turbo). But why did the first guy not wait three? He should have that talent too, not have an unmastered shield component or whatever.

Quite honestly, it's not good to advise anyone to ever use anything but large. A pilot will need to be very experienced to realize that they are in the very niche situation that the others can offer anything of value. It is better in almost every situation.

Why don't you do the math here, if you dispute it?
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