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Come on, who did not have at least once a "Directional silly death" ?

You know, like the one where you're attacking a Gunship, try to put shields fore, but the Gunship released the shot while you they were aft for a reason... BOOM, one-shot.

There are people whose those death happen more than others, and often due to the player's error. Hence, the "hard to use" comments.
Oh I certainly have them on occasion, though not nearly as often as I am saved by suddenly having full shields on the arc which is being attacked.

And saying that Directionals are "harder" is different from saying they're "too hard". Though there are some people around here (just two, actually) who deal only in absolutes. :P Components are either objectively judged as "optimal" in a mathematical vacuum, or else they are declared as not even warranting consideration or discourse.
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