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Saying that the active ability of Directional Shield is of marginal value is the most blatantly incorrect thing I've ever heard you say, Kuci. And that's unusual for you.

How often do you actually take significant damage to both arcs at the same time? I'd say almost never. The ability to distribute damage done to one arc across both arcs (by readjusting energy) is far more useful than Quick-Charge's active. It effectively doubles your effective shield-based hit points. Let's say you hit my 2160 aft shields with an Ion Railgun blast of 1850, leaving me with 310 shields on my butt. You start charging up your slug to finish me off (or at least cripple my hull).

I press "2". Now my aft shields are 2470. Is my front naked? Who cares. I'm not being attacked from there.

And as for Large Reactor on Directional Shields, there is indeed a synergy there, since Directional's active can transfer the whole capacity of an arc from one side to the other (not just the base). So the bigger your shield capacity per arc, the bigger the swing caused by Directional's active ability. In the above example, instead of suddenly "recharging" 2160 shields (if I took a Turbo Reactor), I could recharge an arc by 2520 with the touch of a button.

Quick-Charge's active, regardless of Reactor choice, can only ever help me recover 648 shield to an arc. 648 vs. 2160 or 2520.

And that's to say nothing of the many and frequent tactical situations where you know it is safe to stack shields on one side in order to win a joust or linger on a target long enough to get the killing blow, even while under fire. And in some of those situations, higher capacity is indeed more valuable than 2.6 second earlier regen. As Ramalina said, it depends heavily on fighting style, environment, and the types of enemies you face.

When I'm holding a satellite in my Rycer against half a team of enemies, I'll choose Directional/Turbo, because I can't reliably get 3 seconds of safety. I keep my shields balanced, changing angling as required to bolster a weak arc that suffers damage.

When I'm skirting the edge of a TDM furball in my Decimus, lobbing in HLC shots and Concussion Missiles, I want to make sure I can joust safely with any Strikes, Scouts or other Bombers who peel and attempt to close on me. For this purpose, Directional + Large, angled forward, serves me better.

I'm honestly shocked that you get so focused on the various regen curves that you neglect to consider varying tactical situations, and how those situations favor one shield/reactor combo over another.

I would expect someone who frequently flies a Gunship, especially, to value the ability of focusing shields to front or aft. In a Gunship duel, having a full arc of shields on your backside does nothing for you. But if you're able to switch that entire arc to your front in order to absorb an extra slug, then I'd think that's pretty useful. Or how about when you get flanked and need to run? Isn't it nice to have double-shields on your backside then, to buy your allies more time to come to your aid?

Though I suspect you've never even considered any of that due to the "mandatory" choice of Distortion Field on T1 and T3 Gunships.

I remain bemused about how many people think Directionals are "too hard" or that S2E is weak. Do they offer base Evasion and an extra missile break? No. But they are still hugely powerful when used correctly. And honestly missiles just aren't that big a deal. Especially on ships with Power Dive, I find I rarely ever find myself wanting a second break.
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