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No. The implications of a long range / high tracking penalty weapon are that it does not want to joust. Jousting means that the enemy is getting closer, which means the enemy's angular velocity is rapidly increasing, which is the worst case for a high tracking penalty weapon. The goal is to engage at range and stay at range to make it easiest to minimize the tracking penalty.
That may be the implication, but in reality? Head-on and peeling for a team mates are the best occasions for minimizing accuracy penalty. You can keep a bead on an enemy trying to pass you after their "burst" with Retros long enough to make him regret the head-on.

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Quick-charge is not that much weaker than directional and the rapid recharge is actually really really good versus railguns. Plus the added mobility makes it much easier to evade the gunships entirely.
It is much weaker then Direction in that scenario, the 40% less capacity and the double forward shields make boosting in a zig zag fairly safe until you get within Heavies range, with Quick Charge it a coin toss. The added mobility I have found is much more of an issue in Dominion matches, in TDM switching between the "Fs" will keep you flying well enough.

I'm not saying Directionals are always superior to Quick Charge, there are 2 schools when it comes to Strikes: build to their strength and palliate their weaknesses.

I much prefer the 1st while you favor the second, saying that Quick Charge is superior is stating an opinion as fact.
You claim the active is of marginal value, I claim that if used right it's a huge asset.