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Hmmm, how come people are concerned over the orbital Strike nerf? especially those in MArksmen spec, i mean its a single target dps spec, why use a AoE ability with it? i never really bothered with it when facing a single target, it just seemed silly to me, but then i am not into that min-max crap some players are into.
From the dulfy class guide for the MM tree: "Orbital Strike, even with the reduced damage, should be used on your rotation if you have 1 GCD open, replacing a single Snipe for higher damage. "

It used to be akin to a hard hitting dot, now it is slightly better than 1 snipe. It was invaluable for clearing out groups of adds, but now our ae ability is used as a gcd filler for, yes that's right, a single target.

Moreover, for the "single target spec" they make you dump multiple skill points to increase the use of that specific ability. Min/max or not, we are "supposed to be" using it.