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Well, Tatile, have you seen what's on the PTS? I believe in 2.7 more story is coming to the game. There is also Role Playing. I love the class stories but it is awesome to write your own as well. And I've found quite a few people that our open to SGR RP.
That is so true, on the writing and sgr rp. I'm usually am quiet when people in game an out of game, gripe about it. I think BW did a cracker jack job on the writing. I have 8 toons, each is a different class but my shadow and inq are the two story lines that I like best.

Going back to Gauntlet, I've almost exclusively played female characters. I never really gave it much thought until the last 4 years or so. I usually picked Chun Li because I thought she was the baddest of all the SF characters. I usually played Katana, Raiden, and Subzero equally. Point is, role playing is just that, role playing. So many people constantly gripe about these types of games, but fail to realize in the haze of their ranting what an MMORPG at its most fundamental actually is.

I'm hoping for sgr for my shadow because she has it bad for Nadia and Lt. Irresso is nice and all, but he's not really doing it for her. It'll be hard to let him down if BW enables sgr in the near future or ever, I really like him, but just as a friend. <- To me, that's how role playing works. So having sgr is just one more beneficial layer to an already awesome experience.