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SGR RP and fan fiction don't fix the problem, and they shouldn't be given as alternatives.

If you told world-first raiding guilds to "pretend" they had new raid content, they'd laugh at you and switch games.

Also, 2.7 has, what? Two flashpoints that aren't going to do anything other than get a few pieces of loot? Flashpoints are exactly the height of story content.
Warning: this is going to go everywhere as my thoughts are in a bit of a jumble on this issue.

With regards to 2.7, the 2 FPs aren't ends in themselves, but starting a new storyline- a storyline that could be worth the wait to be told instead of rushed through like so much of the content at the game's beginning was. After all, TV drama and sitcoms tell their stories this way, and it keeps bringing people back to get more. Perhaps part of the "more" for this new story line in SWTOR will include SGR in either new companions or changes to existing companions?

Of course none of us can answer that because Bioware insists on remaining silent. We don't remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our "friends". Bioware was one of the few video game developers that was first to really become "friends" with the LGBT community and people who are fans of SGR as many of their big RPG games had SGR and OGR romance. And look at what's being talked about the most: Not the people who went into an uproar of Bioware creating Makeb, but the never ending silence afterwards.

Maybe I'm just too patient for my own good. I do try to be patient with this sort of thing, as I am a person with a disability (autism). I can't expect people to be patient with me if I am unwilling to be patient with them. Just like I try to say hi to everybody in my guild who logs in. Yet, if I say hi so often only to get no hi back, then eventually I stop saying hi. Just like eventually I stop saying

The days of being patient are over. I know, I just revoked my stance from the other day. Yet, I don't want to leave SWTOR because there is so much they game can still offer me. One downside to being on the autism spectrum: you only connect to people so well in certain ways, and SWTOR and it's one of the few places I connect very well to people. And I like very specific romances, most SGR male-male. Don't know why, beyond perhaps I'm a straight gal, but that's the way it is for me.

So, Bioware, this is coming from someone who tried to defend you: Do you want to be remembered as the silent friend, or the vocal one? Given the quote came originally from Martin Luther King Jr. I think you'd rather be on the latter.