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03.06.2014 , 05:54 AM | #8
So your rebuttal is "sorta maybe sometime between now and launch"? Yes in a perfect world i'd love to do it your way, but GSF isn't PvE or ground PvP where everyone is playing it. There are a limited number of pilots flying as is, let alone PTS pilots, and I'd like to get a chance to test this out with multiple matches. Yes, I'd love to run the PTS everyday but I have a job and a life and ships to level on my Main. The last thing any of us wants is another Bomber/TDM PTS release that has a "game breaking" bug to discover after an hour and a half queue, and no one touches the PTS again. The purpose of this post was to let the GSF forum community know there will be other testers on at a specific time. To be honest, I'm hoping we can do a Saturday 2 p.m. test every weekend from now until launch. If an afternoon run doesn't work for you, then schedule a 2nd run through. I'm sure there's plenty of people who want in but can't make a Saturday afternoon run, just as I'm sure there are people who will attend multiple testing sessions.
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