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Maybe I missed something, but I thought you could only RE the schems from dropped or purchased items (that you equip/unequip to remove seller name), not from one bought with comms? I have no plans to go for the schems (unless, like you said, I just have an otherwise unusable piece), but I just wanted to clarify whether or not it can be done with gear purchased from comms.
I have personally bought items with comms, ripped out the item modifications, put them into BoL gear to ship (via mail) them to my cybertech and artifice and armstech, ripped out the item modifications, and gotten schematics from RE. Maybe it is within that process that "permits" RE of comms gear item modifications, I do not know.

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Ok, this feels like a good place to ask this, without starting a new thread for it.

Would you advice buying the 31/168 mods/hilts/enhancements etc while leveling, if I have the means? My pub main is a gatherer and pumps decent coin. I'd like to tank when I get to max level, and I keep my gear up to date every 2 levels. My toons that are capable of crafting are not near max level to run the HMs to get the mats to get the blah blah, like the OP post.

If I don't start buying a few things here or there, I imagine i'll just waste the 4 mill on a white power crystal and be less prepared when I hit 55.
I would not worry all that much. One can successfully run level 55 HM FPs in gear populated with grade 25/58 Makeb planetary comms acquired Item modifications. It may be slower going but it is doable. And you will gear up quickly because most of your teammates will have no need for any gear that drops .
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