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01.16.2014 , 12:43 PM | #97
The interesting thing to me about Revan in KOTOR was the story. I never saw Revan as being even one of the most powerful force users of all time. Frankly Starkiller in FU was more impressive on the power scale. So I am not a "Revan is all powerful" fanboy.

Revan's ending was wasteful. I played through the Foundry on my Imp and was very disappointed by it. Regardless of power level Revan is iconic for the period. The story was just lack luster not terrible but just not that interesting. I wish they had done something that grabbed me more.

As to the original post, a request for KOTOR 3, EA games has a license to make SW video games for 10 years I hear. Not just SWTOR but other video games as well. Could a single player game set during the period of KOTR or SWTOR come down the pipe? Sure it could. Likely it will have nothing to do with Revan or the Exile.