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Quote: Originally Posted by JeffrenBrek View Post
The highlighted part is once again very funny.
I could have sworn this thread was about "Make Knights of the Old Republic 3".
But maybe my eyes were deceiving me when I read the thread.

And quite the contrary. Your entire rant has been nothing short of amazing, and just proving my point as well as why some people dislike Revan fanboys, as some people other than myself tried to explain to you in this thread.

But do keep living in your bubble,keep raging and rant your rants. It's very entertaining.
So you took two wrong turns? Because originally the "Make the Knights of the Old Republic 3" discussion didn't even concern Revan, so I'm still confused as to why you made the comment.

And yeah, that's nice.

EDIT: Now though it seems to be that you are accusing me of being a fanboy. Which seems to reaffirm my claim that you are attempting to dictate to people who are fans of Revan, regardless of his ability. I stand by that claim.