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Scout System: Both Scouts get Targeting Telemetry, which is good. Both get Booster Recharge, which is also good. The Blackbolt gets Sensor Beacon which is ... meh.
I mostly agree with your thoughts, but I really really love sensor beacon. There is vagueness is the tool-tip of what the communication sensor ranges are, but the debuffs (which I assume have a smaller radius) hit a wide area and are great for debuffing multiple enemies around a satellite.

Additionally, I also find in dog fights that involve multiple ships fighting each other, it distracts the enemy's tab targeting. Sometimes, you can get a good attack run on someone doing an attack run on your probe, a small target with your name they confuse as you in the distance in the heat of battle.

That being said, I would like a larger sensor communication range from sensor probes. It often seems like it doesn't display incoming ships to a satellite soon enough. Sensor range should definitely be more than blaster range.
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