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I named mine Darth Revan as a joke o_o

Sufficed to say, the line "I'm not Darth Revan, I'm Darth Revan!" cracked me up during the big reveal

But still, what do you think of when you hear Revan? Your Kotor character, it brings back memories. Why else do you think Revan can still be referred to as a "she" by accident.

And TBH, Most people in Kotor would have gone Lightside, you're a bit creepy for going DS, NGL, killing mission by forcing Zaalbar to execute her.... Just cruel
I don't know, my 'Revan' is the stereotypical evil character who I roleplay in all RPGs, just even eviller. I don't associate her with Revan at all. Everything I find interesting about Revan comes outside the KOTOR experience.

KOTOR is just a game I played.