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The original poster here has a point however they seem to lack the ability to articulate the fact that stealth classes are over powered. preticularilly against ranged classes. although pure rangded classes have steath detection on thier side this is a mute point when all stealth classes have the ability to veto stealth detection with abilities like sneak or blackout. also they already have the upper-hand because they are approaching with the ability to plan out their attack which makes the bounty hunter and Trooper classes stealth scan ability virtually useless because you are only guessing there is a stealth class in your area and to place it in the exact spot where they are in like i said virtually impossible and with a a cool down of 20 seconds is pointless.

I say that there should be no immobilization or rooting abilities available to classes while they are in stealth period !
Pretty sure stealth scan will pop you out of stealth every time with sneak and blackout but I could be wrong. Also snipers get a stealth detection which certainly pops you out of stealth. I would say out of all the specs for stealth deception is currently in the best spot that posses any real threat to killing you but concealment might start butting into that picture with the buffs currently on the pts.