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I think I get it. 2 times then? Could 2 players possiblly be doing this then? My wife and I play side by side and take turns with certain abilities. Could 2 players be just taking turns?

Also, This happens while I'm on my Imp charactger. So it's coming from the Rebel side. Whats the counterpart of Mind trap and what class?

And the stealth? All my stealth's on my alts are not completely invisible. The only completely invisible is Force Cloak on my wife's Shadow. But it only lasts 10 seconds I think. How can players "stay" completely invisible for extended periods of time?

I know I'm being a pest, but I'm just trying to be a better player in PvP because I keep getting hammered. lol.. Thanks in advance.
I can mezz 2 people at a time granted the mezz is only on one person at a time. say i mind trap you and your wife is there she move i mezz her then you start to move i re mezz you then you wife takes a step i mezz her again. Keeping you 2 busy till some one respond to you being there at a node.

Good sin can do this and make you waste your time till some one responds. Note i not saying we can mezz two people with mind trap at the same time it falls off the first target when you apply to the second target. It is called mezz switching lack for a better term