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On 01/07/2014 I sent in a ticket (#11421282) asking if a former name associated with my account that I had changed from could be made available again before I spent more money on the Cartel Market Rename Character Consumable.

I was looking for a simple yes or no answer.

On 01/08/2014 I received a canned response stating that the Custom Service Drones... I mean Droids... were unable to change my characters name and that I needed to purchase a Change Name Consumable from the Cartel Market. In my first letter I could not possibly have been anymore clear in my understanding that that was the case.

So on 01/08/2014 I submitted another ticket (#11433891) asking the same question and included the ticket ID from the previous ticket.

Later on 01/08/2014 I received another canned response that thanked me for me feedback and that I should come to these forums and share it.

Needless so say, I lost my patience and sent a ticket that was anything BUT polite. They deleted it and sent me an e-mail about their harassment policy and threatened to ban my account if it continued. So this one you could read and the first two you couldn't? Cute example of selective "hearing" isn't it?

Here is my problem. Had the answer to this very simple question been "No" then I would have been a little annoyed/disappointed but otherwise would have continued on with my life none the worse.

The fact that if BioWare "Customer Service" Drones..... I mean Droids...cannot even be bothered to read a ticket, what is the point of having the ability to send them in?

I played this game a lot in Beta. When they closed down SWG to try and force Star Wars fans to buy an incomplete game because EA, LucasArts and BioWare wanted Christmas sales, I quit playing after a few months of giving them a chance to fix their mistakes. Thus far SWTOR is nothing more than a poorly executed, retexured WoW clone that forces you to include less people in your groups and raids.

As a 9 year SWG player and a lifetime Star Wars fan, I returned to the game in Mid-November with a subscription because I felt the need to feed the Star Wars monkey I've carried on my back for over 30 years.

What I found in the first 2 hours is that 2 bugs that existed in beta were still common and present. Standing corpses and perpetual loot indicators. Another day or 3 of playing and I find the infinite falling glitch was still around if you fall of a rock the wrong way.

So if BioWare/EA/LA cannot provide Customer Service, can't be bothered to fix bugs that have existed for years (Crash to desktop at the end of FPs), can't fix a bug list the size of the one thats stickied here, won't take responsibility for the female buttocks stealth "fix", can't properly launch space content that doesn't feel like a 4th year computer science major's project and can't even properly code items they charge money for (Cathar Warstaff appearing as a double bladed lightsaber with a white blade [regardless of color crystal] atleast half the time when you enter combat, 100% of the time if you're on a vehicle that you ride "standing up" and get aggroed) then why the hell am I giving you 15 dollars a month?

I had some extra money towards the end of the year. To show appreciation for the very few things that have improved in this game, I shelled out a few hundred bucks on Hypercrates so my characters could look the way I wanted and so I could make a good sum of credits.

Now before I continue, I know the jealous forum trolls will more than likely flame me for dropping cash on SWTOR. To those of you that know you want to say something I say this: Get a job.

Now back to the subject at hand. You're on the verge of losing a fairly active, lucrative customer. Not over an answer to an issue but the absolute disrespect and ignorance of your "Support Staff". To not even bother reading a ticket fully is just a slap in the face and something I would expect from company's that are actually successful. Riot Games for example.

Are you really so willing to throw away a money train at a time when your game is barely paying for itself over a simple yes or no question that could have been answered by a middle school student with the proper knowledge?

It's Friday, Noon @ GMT -5. I'm going to be overly generous and allow someone to make up for the inept emplyoees you have working for you and give you until close of business next Wednesday (15JAN2014) to fix this. In respect to weekend forums traffic, I will even bump this thread to the top in the morning and afternoon starting Monday.

That's 3 full work days to provide me with a simple yes or no answer to an extremely simple question.

Can a name formerly associated with my account be made available again before I buy a Character Rename Consumable from the Cartel Market and find out it's still "taken"?

Surely even your "Custom Service" department can manage that.

Most sincerely,