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During the course of my later adventures I gathered several grade 7 crafting materials (for example Alien Data Cube, or also two purple ones that I canīt remember the name right now). In any case - where I can find schematics for these? Most of my crafting skills are at 450, but no schematic - neither the ones that I learned from the crew trainer nor the ones I found - need these (the only exception are Biometric Crystal Alloys). Does anyone know for which schematics these can be used and where one can get them?
The materials are from a time before Makeb, and can still be acquired from classic ops. Possibly the item modifications from those ops can be reverse engineered into schematic that use the materials. Earpiece, implant and armor schematics used to drop as loot from bosses, but I'm not sure if they can be acquired anymore. The classic commendations vendors might have something.

Why would you want schematics for those materials though? You can get better schematics from the crafting trainers and the basic commendations schematic vendor, and they use grade 9 materials which are easier to acquire. If you are a completionist and want to acquire every schematic in the game, I can only wish you good luck. Otherwise, it's not worth the trouble.