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It's amusing that you have the gall to misread everything I say, probably on purpose, then cut out the parts that unequivocally cannot be misread, and respond to what's left by saying that you don't think I understand how espionage works.

So hey, if you prefer to argue with the weird caricature of me that you've created, instead of discussing what I actually have to say, don't let me get in your way. Have fun.
I've quoted you exactly. Not just small one liners but entire paragraphs. If for some reason you have entire paragraphs of text that are not making your point you might want to consider editing yourself better.

Add on: Expecting somebody to respond to every single point you've made in a huge multi-paragraph post is just silly as well. I responded to the points that I had the most issue with, or the ones that I felt with the most lacking in understanding.