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10.22.2013 , 04:16 AM | #21
I'm not sure I see the difference in replacing one self absorbed, self entitled, doesn't-give-a-wick-about-anybody-but-himself power grabbing Sith Lord with another as supreme ruler of the Empire. Or why Quinn would be so uncompromisingly loyal to him, considering that Quinn is in no way a bootlicking Sith fanboy a la Ensign Temple. He might show them deference and respect, yes, the same as he respects the chain of command as a whole, but not when their interests so massively conflict with Imperial ones. And I'd say re-allocating key military assets from the war conflicts with Imperial interests. Probably why he assists with resolving that.

Besides, you aren't going to eliminate backstabbing power plays amongst the Sith until there are no Sith left. That's just what they are.