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1) Whenever on of our healer (happens rarely, but happens) gets one shoted by this, his reaction is "sorry, my fault". And guess what, that is correct. It would require incredibly unlucky RNG for all tentacles to target same player if he does nothing towarsd it. And not throwing a heal at the wrong moment is a part of healing skills as well

2) Now this, we never saw before. Only time we experienced lightning ball switching targets, is when original target dies to something else than this ball's explosion. That said, we never tried taunting. As we never encountered this, I cant really help on the matter. If balls really swap targets and its not caused by death or by sage Force Barrier, or by scoundrel/shadow vanish, that would be a bug and should be reported. Taunting also potentially could lead to just reseting agro, so I wouldnt count it.

3) Yes, this is a bug. We never encountered it ourselves, but I saw it on few videos. All it does, is making fight easier. So definetely not the worst of bugs, but of course should be fixed
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