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There are also [MAKEB STAGED WEEKLY] missions that give elite Comms. - Also the weekly for CZerka which is only 2x 2-man FPs. - Easy enough to group for - though one is actually fairly easy to solo.

I'm in a small (5-man) guild with shift workers who find it impossible to get together long enough for higher level content. - 5 HM flashpoints is about our limit. However, With lower-level crafting you can make cash for Exotic element Equalisers, Mass manipulation Generators and buy Isotpe -5 for credits or 35 basic comms each. There are usually 3-4 friendly high-level crafters on each server. -see server forums for yours. It'd be a long slow road to gain BiS for everything- but if you aren't up for OPs then you'll realistically only need 2-3 armourings a hilt or Barrel and a few enhancements to enable everything else to be a breeze.

I wish you all the best. I'd love to do ops with a slow steady group too, but life gets in the way!

Best wishes,
Storm Cutter (Server: Progenitor)